February 27, 2010

Another Vintage Sewing Machine Find: Singer Model 128

Have another vintage sewing machine to add to the herd:  A 1923 Singer 128. a 3/4 size electric sewing machine with knee control.  Found her on Etsy, a great little auction site for crafting and original creations. 

Other than getting the hubby to use Mother's Polish on the "shiny" parts and a small adjustment to the shuttle tension, she was working out of the box.  The before (left) and after (right) picture don't do the pieces justice.  While they were in good condition upon arrival, the liquid wrench and mother's polish have them looking like new.  What shall I sew today?

She came in an original Singer Bentwood Box in fair condition.  The botton veneer has come off due to water damage.   It's on my list of things to fix.  Handle is solid and intact, but no key.  This case takes a Singer Flat Cabinet Key, so will add that to my treasure hunt.

Decals, 'La Vincendora' , are in great condition.  A bit of wear, but still bright and beautiful.  I will be putting on a coat of Turtle Wax to help fill in the lines and keep her looking nice.

She is an electric with a knee control.  She however does have a spoked handwheel so can easily mount and hand crank if desired.   Will sew a bit with the knee control and see what I like.

Now what shall I name her?   Victoria? 

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