February 24, 2013

Vegetarian Chocolate Cake (using a box cake mix)

My husband is a vegatarian - he eats eggs, but no meat or fish - and the one item we've been missing is dessert. There are pies (if made with vegetable based products), dry cookies and other non-fun desserts. So today I venture into trying out a modified box mix: 1 Duncan Hines Devil Food Cake Mix 1 1/4 cup water (as noted on the box) 1/2 c Vegetable oil (as noted on the box) To replace the 3 eggs noted on the box: 3 Tbsp White Vinegar 3 Tbsp Water Water 3 Tsp Baking Powder And 1/4 cup of sour cream (I always add this to a box mix for moisture and density) Mix a cake mix, water, sour cream and vegetable oil together on low for 30 seconds with hand mixer (or however long directions noted on box for initial mix). In a separate bowl mix the vinegar water and baking power. It will get foamy and fizzy. Add this to the batter and mix for the amount of time noted on the box. In this instance it was two minutes. The batter got airy and looked delish! Follow pan prep and baking instructions on box.

February 15, 2013

My Viking Huskylock S25 Has Arrived

I have been wanting to have a coverstitch machine for many years now. And after completing a custom sewing project (a girl's applique tshirt and ruffle skirt) I decided it was time to start hunting. I however determined I did not have room for a 4th machine. So looked for a serger/coverstich combo. I took fabric with me to test drive - including the heavy #12 duck fabric I use to make Cornhole/Bean Bags. I wanted to ensure that I would not be giving up a sure thing by adding some bells and whistles.

I landed on the Viking Huskylock S25. I traded in my Viking Huskylock 910 and brought home the S25 a few days ago. In addition to the coverstich capability, I liked how smooth and quiet it stitched, the extra space in the throat area and the bright/updated lighting. I hesitated as I wondered whether having no free-arm would be an issue. But in thinking about the how I've used my serger in the past, it really is not a must for me. Even with a free-arm on the 910 (to slip a sleeve over and stitch), I didn't use it. The S25 has a bigger footprint than my 910, but still works with the Horn cabinet I have. And as a bonus, the S25 comes with the sew steady clear acrylic table. Love that!

While I have yet to stitch on it at home, I have a few projects in mind to test it out. In the works are:

* shortening a couple of t-shirts (for coverstitch)
* a couple Cuddle Scarves
* a Serge and Merge Quilt

Happy Stitching!