September 2, 2013

And I knew that old thread is a no-no...

It was a moment of weakness, perhaps desperation. As usual I was in the middle of a late night sewing session (doesn't everybody sew in the middle of the night?). I could not find the matching thread I had bought anywhere. And having a stash of high quality thread, I was quite surprised I could not find something to blend. (Note to self: I need to expand my thread stash to match my fabric stash).

Then I remembered a box of thread stashed in the back of the armoire. I had a box of thread given to me by a friend, of which I had added spools that my mom and others had given me. I knew the thread was old - it was even dusty - but I wanted (note I did not use needed) to get the little project done. After what should have been a quick 10 minute stitch session had turned into a nearly hour long battle with my machine, I finished the little project. Long story short, no matter what I did - new needle, rethread, change tension, rethread and rethread - the thread kept breaking. Thinking I was done with the battle, I went to bed and over the next week came back to sewing my Dear Jane Blocks.

But ohhhhhh I was far from done with the repercussions of using the old thread! After stitching 20 half square triangles, I inspected my work. UGH! Missed stitches on each an every block. Out came the seam rippers and I ripped out all my work and restitched. Now I should have checked after a couple, but only after I re-stitched all 20 for a second time did I check my stitching. Not again! It was as if the bobbin thread was laying flat on the fabric. I began to panic.

I had read the reviews of the 750QE, and had seen the multiple complaints revolved around tension issues on the 750QE, but almost a year in with not a single issue, it just couldn't be. I promptly took my machine into the shop. Ryan, at Heirloom Creations in Sioux Falls, SD worked his magic. And much to my chagrin, the issue was a broken thread in the thread uptake. And I knew the exact time and project that caused the issue. After sheepishly confessing to using less than stellar thread, laughing about how I used to be such a thread snob, I took my machine home. She was placed back in her Ausie Kanagroo Cabinet and was back in the groove. Perfect straight stitch, purring as she worked and I smiling with great relief.

I must admit - I am a thread snob - and shall never waiver again. I use Isacord, Mettler (cotton or silk) or Permacore thread exclusively. If there is one thing you change in your sewing, I highly recommend using high quality thread exclusively. When you have trouble with your sewing machine, you will commonly be asked by the repair man, "what thread are you using?". For more detail on thread, check out this article on

Lesson Learned: When someone gives you some leftover thread from Grandma, their closet, something they found at a rummage sale, politely thank your gifter and when no one is around, toss it out. Don't be tempted to save it for an emergency! Thank and throw. That is my motto. And by the way, I found the matching Isacord thread. It had rolled behind the foot of my sewing cabinet - right there for everyone to see.