October 6, 2013

Bernina 750 QE : A One (1) Year Update

It has been one year now since I purchased by 750 QE. What can I say? I am loving it. Although I need more time to use it. As with most crafters, we also have family and home to take care of. Oh yes, and need to sleep in there too.

Following is a quick update for the first year with my 750 QE.

Projects Completed on my Bernina 750 QE

* Reflective collars with Velcro back for Search and Rescue Dog Team
* Embroidering of Name and Title on T-Shirts and Polos for Search and Rescue Team
* Alterations: sew on patches, hemming, take in seams
* Embroidering of Designs on Aprons
* Quilt Piecing (Dear Jane, Crazy Curves, Grandmother's Flower Garden and misc quilt blocks)
* Cuddle / Minky Quilts
* Corn Hole / Bean Bag Construction
* Embroidering of Logos on Corn Hole / Bean Bags
* Sewing of misc craft items for sale: Kleenex covers, coin purses, hot pads and placemats
* Garment Construction: girls ruffle skirts, pajama pants, tshirts, easy skirts

Performance Comments / Maintenance Update

One (1) Trip in to the Bernina Doc
My 750 QE has been into the shop once in the year. And it could have been avoided. I knew better than to use old, hand-me-down thread. The lessor quality thread broke several times while sewing and a small piece stuck in the uptake created terrible straight stitch. A quick trip in and she was sewing back to the usual Bernina high standard.

My 1/4 Inch Piecing Issue
It took me a bit of time to settle in on my choice of foot for 1/4 inch piecing. I landed on the 1C and moving the needle. While I sewed with the quarter inch foot (37), I struggled with the fabric not feeding evenly. Others I have spoken to have no issue with the 37 foot, so I assume it is user (ie ME) error.

When piecing I do not use the thread cutter. When using the thread cutter, the first stitch following is a tack. When piecing this created some issue with the fabric getting pulled down into the bobbin area. I have not been able to find where / how to shut off the tack, so now only use sparingly. Anyone know how to shut it off?


Overall, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Bernina 750 QE. As with every machine, there are quirks and small learning items to figure out. But my machine has been trouble free, a joy to use and helped me create a myriad of items.

How do you like your 750 QE?


  1. I have been enjoying my 750 too. It's been in the shop to get the latest firmware updates and to get a new board due to some noise problems with the original board.
    I like the 34D for quarter inch piecing (the foot is clear). I move the needle to the right to get a quarter inch seam. This foot holds on to the fabric better and its easier to feed the fabric for a consistent seam width.

  2. Thanks for the tip ChrisC. The clear foot is an obvious choice - why didn't I think of that? Happy stitching.

  3. I am having the same trouble with the 37D and my 1/4 inch seam. Very frustrating. I will try a 34D. Thanks!

  4. My thread cutter stopped working. Several posts I've read say to clean the tread cutter. I have cleaned the machine and bobbin case but can't find how to clean the thread cutter. Any suggestions?

  5. The latest update adds an additional tie off button, found in the tension screen, ( I know weird place). if this is highlighted click it and it will stop the tie off at the beginning of seams I assume you have the other tie off button not highlighted in the settings. I prefer to use back stitch when piecing to secure seams. Hope this helps

  6. I've only had my 750 for a little over a month and have had a really hard time keeping the top thread from breaking mid-stitch. I have the correct needle/thread combo and use Aurifil thread. I've adjusted the tension numerous times and can't find a solution. This didn't occur until after I oiled it for the first time and cleaned out lint. I'm assuming its user error since I'm so new to Bernina and this machine. Does anyone have any advice?? Thank you!